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Special Care Instructions

a full document in PDF form may be downloaded here

We receive many requests for special care instructions. Below are some of the more common problems associated with table linen care.

CANDLE WAX - Place article in the freezer to harden wax. Pick off excess wax by hand. Iron on a hot setting between sheets of paper towel, tissue paper or clean newsprint. Repeat ironing process as many times with clean paper as necessary. Launder as usual once all wax is removed.

CHOCOLATE AND COCOA - Scrape off deposit. Pour boiling hot water from a great height through the backside of the stain. Rub liquid detergent on the stain and wash as usual.

COFFEE - Pour boiling water from a great height.

CREAM - Treat as for grease.

EGG - Scrape off excess. Soak in cold salt water. Launder as usual.

FRUIT JUICE - put salt on the wet stain immediately and soak in cold salt water. Pour boiling hot water from a great height through the backside of the stain. Rub liquid detergent into stain. Launder as usual.

GREASE, OIL - Rub liquid detergent into the stain. Use hot water and detergent.

KETCHUP, TOMATO SAUCE - Scrape off deposit. Treat as for fruit.

MEAT JUICE, GRAVY - Treat as for egg and grease.

MILDEW, RUST - Rub with lemon/lime juice and salt. Dry in the sun. Launder.

MUSTARD - Soak in cold water immediately. Try salt, liquid detergent.


WINE (RED) - Squirt with soda, white wine, or salt. Pour boiling water from a height through the backside of the stain.

CLUB SODA is a great general stain remover

AUTOMOTIVE GREASE REMOVER - customer recommendation

PLACEMAT CARE - 1) Pre-treat nasty spills appropriately. 2) Gentle cycle wash in cool water. 3) No dryer.

We pre-wash all our wool, mohair, and silk throws in Woolwash. Soak in warm water. No need to rinse. Delicate spin only, no agitation. It is also a great stain remover. Woolwash was introduced to us by Susanne Carter, a handspinner from New Zealand. Available in specialty yarn stores.