Gallery of Unique Work by Canadian Craftspeople and Artists

If looking for anyone in particular, send me an email and I will try to refer you. Elsa

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Daniel Kramer

Corn Dolly Maker

Maureen Harding

Felted Scarves & Shawls

Ian Kochberg

Print Maker

Gladys Sinclair

handwoven placemats, rugs,Tote Bags, towels,etc..

Store Specialties by Canadian Craftspeople

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Pheylonian Beeswax Candles

Original Pheylonian beeswax candles come in beeswax pillars, beeswax tapers, beeswax votives, as well as unusual and unique shapes.

Magic Bonnets
by  Leslie Griffin

A keepsake, a christening bonnet, something old, something new. A poem is included in the presentation package.

Baby Booties
by Susanne Carter

Hand-spun and dyed from New Zealand Merino fleece, blended with select fibres; angora, silk, cotton. Hand knit with a lamb skin sole. 


Slippers, new-born to adult.

20% off.

Out of stock: Men's sizes Small & Medium; Women's Large; Child's 11

by Kathi Giberman

Celtic, fraktur, quilt designs and quotations. Originals that are hand-painted, then reproduced in a line of jewelry and larger framed pictures.

30 % off
Création du Verseau

Etched, painted metal. Also available as jewellry.

50 % off
Henni's Originals

Maple Leaf & Flower plaques assembled from pressed Ontario plants. Also available in coasters and trivets.

up to 50% off
Gilles Maurel 

Jewellery made from coloured, oxydized and polished silver.

50% off
Tree of Life Inspiration

Cards with batik textile and inspirational verses.

1/2 price
Herb Wheels

Designed by Corry Wm. Brigden

Karen Hunter

Colourful jewellery in niobium*; colours are produced by varying the voltage.

*niobium is hypo-allergenic

50% off

Locally made handwoven rag rugs.

Imported items
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Fair Trade
knits, from Nepal; Alpaca scarves and blankets from Ecuador
only a few left
Colonial Mills

braided rugs: 20" x 30", to 12' x 15' 

50% off rugs in stock

Colonial Mills

braided chair pads

!/2 price
Avocado Decor
(formerly Tapis Waves)

Looks like silk; made in Belgium; available in numerous colours, washable viscose fibres.
Sizes from 2 x 4 to 7 x 10

50% off rugs in stock