Contemporary Quilts at the Silo Weavers
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Contemporary Quilt & Fibre Art Show 2018
Collected Threads

Past and Current work by Former Guest Artists

In 2018 a number of guest artists from past Contemporary Shows returned. Each artist contributed a minimum
of two works, one being from their past and a new work showing their artistic direction. Since the conception of the Contemporary Show transitions and innovations can be seen.

1998-1999 Lesley Wilson 2011 Sharon Begg
2002 Kitt Fisher 2012 Chris Kummer
2003 Maggie Vanderweit 2013 Jax Rula
2004 Helen Benninger 2015 Tracey Lawko
2009 Janet Rhind 2016 Kathy White
2010 Helen Hughes 2017 Diane Stewart

Diane Stewart
Diane Stewart
Kathy White
Jax Rula, Tracey Lawko & Kathy White
Tracey Lawko
Jax Rula
Sharron Begg
Helen Hughes
Kitt Fisher, Lesley Wilson, Maggie Vanderweit, Janet Rhind
Janet Rhind
Maggie Vanderweit & Susan Norman
Helen Benninger
Helen Benninger
Helen Benninger & Kitt Fisher
Kitt Fisher
Lesley Wilson